Monday, June 25, 2012

The Lavender Boy, William Haines

William Haines
One of my favorite stories of old Hollywood is the life of William Haines. He was kind of the "it" boy of the 20's. When viewing photos of Bill Haines it is plain to see that he was a fabulously beautiful figure of a man, but, when viewing his movies it is also obvious that he was as queer as a three dollar bill.

Since the innocents of the 1920's allowed Haines to play parts n which he was just a boyish, cutie, this would never fly today as he would only be cast as flaming gays, his career took off and he was featured in a string of major silent movies alongside of the biggest stars of the day.

After years of riding high on the Hollywood fame scene, he was getting older, looking a little too mature to be playing silly boys, and his career was quickly fading.

Knowing he needed to do something besides hang around and be a "has been", Haines used his friendship with the high earners to help launch his new career as an interior decorator. His designs were stunning, off beat, and classic.

To this day people cherish the "Haines" designs that remain.

A true Hollywood happy ending. To view William Haines story click, Gay in Hollywood, William Haines.

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