Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hollywood's Golden age of scandal

There was plenty of scandal in the glory days of Hollywood. From Rudolph Valentino's Strange marriages to domineering women, to the Liz Taylor, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds triangle.

 These topics have kept the busy bodies very busy, and laid the groundwork for numerous books, movies and plays. Glamour, wealth and pure ego are the main ingredients in tragic scandal. When you take people who have it all, they want it all, and that can lead to some pretty juicy stuff. Who can ever forget the odd occurrence in Lana Turners mansion in 1958, when beautiful young hoodlum, Johnny Stompanato was stabbed to death by Turner's 14 year old daughter. The strange lives of the beautiful people can be beyond intriguing. Turner had so many men passing through her life, and wanted rid of her young lover after she had finished with him, but Johnny would have none of that. He demanded that she make an honest man out of him by making him her husband and taking him to the Oscars with her. Johnny's dream bubble burst when fearing for her mother's life, Cheryl Crane, Lana's one and only, grabbed a kitchen knife and ended her fear.

Johnny Stompanato & Lana Turner

The tragic lives of goddesses such as Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and numerous others is a hot topic. We always fantasize about having that much beauty, and that much wealth, believing it will solve all of our problems, But, somehow these "perfect people" find a way to be unhappy and troubled.

A long forgotten Hollywood scandal was the Paul Kelly, Dorothy Mackaye and Ray Raymond case. I am still trying to figure out details about that one. It happened so long ago, but its as juicy today as it was in the late 20's. Handsome Paul was having an affair with Ray's wife Dorothy, and when the two men wound up in a fist fight, Ray died two days later, resulting in a scandal, prison, and gossip, gossip gossip.

Ray Raymond, Dorothy Mackaye and Paul Kelly

Politics and the stars have always  had a connection. When the democrats want to cheat on their wives they have a host of beautiful and willing stars who will give them their vote and a whole lot more. Joe Kennedy had his affair with Gloria Swanson until she had enough of the Kennedy lies, games, and selfishness.

Gloria Swanson & Joe Kennedy

The Hollywood secret love child between Loretta Young and Clark Gable never became a full blown scandal thanks to Loretta never admitting her "adopted" child was really hers. While filming Call Of The . Wild, Loretta Young became pregnant with her co-stars child. An elaborate cover up was staged to convince movie goers that the young and single Loretta just decided to adopt a child.

Loretta Young and her "adopted" daughter.

One of the most interesting and confusing Hollywood scandal was the Murder of William Desmond Taylor . Since the case was never solved officially, there continues to be speculation. However, after much research, including reading King Vidors findings, I am convinced that William Desmond Taylor was killed by Charlotte Shelby, the jealous mother of young actress Mary Miles Minter.

William Desmond Taylor

Since the turn of the century Hollywood has been scandal ridden, and there  does not seem to be any letting up on those notorious stories that make us glad we are normal.

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