Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Best Movies From Hollywoods Golden Age

 The 1930s was a special decade in Hollywood history. It is my personal favorite movie decade because it comes fresh out of the 1920s stylish, sexy and creative era of silent movies and just before the ultra polished and more formulated 1940s and 50s era.

Some of the sexiest and most unusual movies were released in the early 30s. Red Headed Woman, starring Jean Harlow is the basic story of a 'woman's movie" on the lifetime channel, but with a lot more saucy comedy and light hearted sexiness that no longer exists in films. These days a sexy movie means SEX. Dirty, sometimes gross, and even disturbing sex. But, the 1930s could make it attractive even under the strangest circumstances. 

Another great 1930s movie for those who love Red Headed Woman type movies is Babyface, starring Barbara Stanwyck. Barbara plays a woman who is so tired of being abused by men all her life that she decides to use men to get what she wants in life. As much as people like to believe that women have grown in the movie industry, how many movies these days are about a woman outsmarting men and getting ahead? Nada! Even the remake of The Women, originally released in 1939, looks "man made" and lacking in charm, while at the same time, not showing the thoughtful side of women. Whether it be to use a man for gain, or desperately fighting for honesty.

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