Friday, November 2, 2012

Hollywood Pin up Girl, Rita Hayworth's Makeover

 Although Rita Hayworth was a natural beauty who arrived in Hollywood to enhancer her dancing career, Hollywood had some pretty strict standards for its would be stars. She was immediately given parts that displayed her talents as a dancer which branched into some minor acting roles. Rita was beautiful but looked chubby and lacked sculpt and definition on camera. The studio went to work to find ways of improving her appearance. She was ordered to go on a diet and quickly lost 20 pounds. Her hairline was her biggest flaw.

Rita Hayworth with "the streak"
Her hairline was rather low and made her whole face appear short and round. Rita braced herself for electrolysis treatments to permanently change her hairline. The whole procedure took over one year before it was complete. Because she would be going through a transition while doing parts and sitting for photo shoots, her black hair was streaked blond in the front to draw attention away from the stark, uneven, black hairline that was now ever changing. Movie fans admired and copied Rita's look and nicknamed it, "the streak." But after Rita's electrolysis was completed, her hairline was so stunning that the studio gave her a beautiful and dynamic new color that she would become famous for.

Her other flaw was her slightly lower right eye. The studio drew attention away from her uneven eyes by adding a few extra eyelashes that were extra long and flared upward, to the corner of her left eye. Her flaw was never noticed.

Plastic Surgery in the 1950s and Today,Rita Hayworth Before and After

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