Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino enjoyed a level of fame that is difficult to comprehend these days. He was mysterious, romantic and beautiful.

In the days of silent movies, the stars were much more romantic and mysterious simply because audiences had to imagine what the stars voices sounded like. Any time one is given just a snippet of something charming, it becomes that much more valuable. This simple fact combined with the fact that the movie stars were more conservative added to the level of respect they commanded.

One can not imagine Katherine Hepburn doing a Sandra Bullock at the Oscars, making out with a woman to gain attention from men, just as a cheesy girls gone wild chick. The had poise, and an image that they lived up to. These were perfect people who were the excellent role models for success.

Rudolph Valentino was handsome, classy, and sophisticated. His personal life was tortured by his inability to thoroughly cope with his fame. He was used by opportunistic women, and manipulated by studio bosses.

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